Today I will talk about this amazing actress Drew Barrymore. Maybe most of you don't know that she is also author, director, model and producer. She wrote autobiography called Little lost girl. But my still favourite movie is 50 First Dates, it is comedy and kinda romantic movie. She co-starred with Adam Sandler in this movie. So let's talk about her beauty secrets.

1. She always wash her hands before applying her makeup.
2. She pick a little bit of moisturizer and tap to her face. It can do something like highliter and it makes your skin look really fresh.
3. She put little bit of her lipstick on her cheek to have some color on her face.
4. After her whole makeup she use powder with SPF to fix her face.
5. She wash her face 3 times a day - morning, noon and night.
6. When is she in the rush she usually use just concealer and lipstick.
7. The last beauty secret is pretty easy and it is her secret for bigger eyes: She use just black eyeliner for bottom and top eye.

I hope you like my new post about beauty secrets. I will see you in few days with another post.

- Ronnie

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