This post will be about my favourite cosmetics products as you can see from the title. Right now I am lisening music and I am trying to write this post. So let's start!

My first favourite product is probably for me the best base in the world by L'oreal Paris Lumi Manique. Seriously it is. I love this base/primer. It is so smooth, glowy with shining effect. But here in Slovakia we can't buy this base and I am so sad about that. I got this base from my cousin in summer. She is from Poland so you can find there this base.

The second favourite product is concealer by Catrice. It very soft and the coverage is very good. I really recommend this concealer. Thumbs up for this concealer.

The third product is my contour palette by Poland brand Kobo Professional. Again I got this product from my cousin. It is really good. When I tried this palette for the first time it was very difficult for me, because I really didn't know how can I use it. Don't worry if the first time contouring will look terrible but you will learn it. I swear. I am still learning and it is better then before. This palette has 4 colors as you can see in the picture. When my face is contoured I usually blend it with my beauty blender. The beauty blender is very good for blending and this palette it is perfect.

The fourth product is again by L'oreal Paris Truematch but it is powder with brush. It is really nice set 2 in 1. I haven't seen this product in Slovakia, but in other states I hope you can find. I can't describe it. I just can say '' I LOVE IT''.

And the last product is the fixing spray by Alverde. I bought it in drugstore and it wasn't expensive. I was really surprised when I saw it, because this fixing spray was always out of stock. So I decided to buy it. It cost about 3,29 € in DM-drogerie markt. I think it is good prize for this pure natural cosmetics. I am happy with this product.


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